Our research

The research undertaken is backed up by thematic workshops that enable us to deploy the wide ranging multidisciplinarity from which the Unit benefits in terms of skills, and to bring out transversal research projects including, in addition to our teams, our different research and development partners in both Northern and Southern countries, upstream and downstream of our own field of operation. The results obtained are published.

  • Scientific animation

    The AÏDA RU regularly organises scientific exchange seminars (generally on Thursday at 2pm French time). These seminars are an opportunity to present research and expertise work, as well as to discuss calls for projects and working methods developed within the unit's teams. They are open to members of other CIRAD units, as well as to people from outside CIRAD by invitation.

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  • Thematic workshops

    This involves an aspect of scientific leadership that is targeted for greater effectiveness. Five thematic workshops have been set up. They focus on one or more of the research challenges identified by the Unit and they are linked to a principal research issue.

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  • Research projects

    The research projects of the AIDA research unit.

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