The unit

The Unit came into being on 1st January 2014 with the merger of the Annual Crop Systems (SCA) and Agricultural Engineering Systems (SIA) units. It has 90 staff members, including 55 researchers, with a wide range of skills. It comprises five research teams motivated by the collective will to implement interdisciplinary approaches working for ecological intensification. The demand from society and the development requirements of today create a need to study, design and propose annual cropping systems (rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, etc.) that satisfy agricultural and environmental performance requirements.

  • The challenges

    Fields of sugarcane in La Réunion © Cirad
    The five research teams of the AIDA unit have been defined in such a way as to focus the skills available in the unit on all the facets of ecological intensification (EI). They interact with each other in order to jointly take up three major research challenges facing these novel cropping systems.

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  • Organization

    Cotton transportation © Cirad, T. Brevault
    The Unit comprises a management team and five thematic research teams. The Unit has its own board.

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  • Staff and publications

    Rice fields in Madagascar © K. Naudin, Cirad
    The Unit currently has 87 staff members (open-ended and fixed term contracts), assigned to the management team or one of the five research teams. They are located in mainland France (Montpellier) and at a dozen other sites. The following table lists all of the Unit’s staff members and provides access to its publications.

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