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The AIDA unit works on the intensification and sustainability of annual crop production in terms of quantity and, where relevant, quality, in a particularly constrained tropical environment. To that end, the aim of its research is to ensure optimum use of available resources, by exploiting the ecological processes that govern their dynamics within agrosystems.

It makes coordinated use of all the technical components and all the associated disciplines that contribute towards such optimum use, whether it involve the integrated management of trophic resources or of pests and diseases, and including varieties. It is involved in developing a wide range of assessment methods and tools for different purposes, different people and different scales, including spatial information modelling or analysis.

By including agricultural engineering, it goes as far as to propose novel systems and concrete technical options that can be co-designed then adapted with producers and local stakeholders. It seeks to document some major challenges facing society and to fuel the associated debates: food security, the major agricultural and environmental balances (carbon, water, minerals) and agro‑ecosystem interactions with biodiversity and climate change.

Culture de riz au Lac Alaotra, Madagascar © Cirad, K. Naudin
Riz pluvial sur couverture de Stylosanthes guianensis © Cirad, K. Naudin
Productrice de coton, Burkina Faso © Cirad, K. Naudin
Champ de coton © Cirad
Champ de canne en Guadeloupe © Cirad, B. Bachelier
Tiges de canne à sucre © Cirad
Système de culture multi-espèces © Cirad

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